Creative colour techniques

With a creatively cut hairstyle I emphasize the differences by giving at least one section a contrasting color. This is also called a block coloring.

Usually a block-colouring as a eye-catcher has at least one contrasting colour character such as: red, copper, violet, super light blonde or grey shades. Of course the choice of contrast shades depends entirely on the base colour of the haircut.

Moreover, it is important that the blockcolouring as an accent is placed exactly in the right place and follows the lines of the creative model as I have cut it. The following quote applies here: "Less is more".

It's all about the contrasting colour standing out like an eye-catcher. It is also possible to fill a block-colouring with a combination of several shades. Then I place 2 or more shades in one block using foils.

With half-long or long hair I use more often a freehand color technique such as: balayage' which means 'sweeping'. The effect is that the colors contrast less hard and blend better into each other.