Curl cutting techniques

With the Curlsys technique your hair is washed after cutting and has a special rejuvenating haircare treatment included. Prior to your appointment it is best not to wash your hair for at least 2 days or more and not to comb or brush it.

This way your natural curl is optimally emphasized in your hair and I can cut your hair on the natural fall of your curl.

Curls are playful and go their own way. It should be cut the same way. Different lengths give it that naughty result.

Preparation for the curlsys treatment:

Wash your hair two days in advance of your treatment. Not use our products yet? You can collect samples from us especially for this purpose. Comb the hair with a coarsely toothed comb when you have applied the hair mask in it. Leave the mask in for half an hour and then rinse the mask out of your hair.

Squeeze most of the water out of your hair and dry it with a cotton cloth, for example a tea towel, by squeezing firmly into your bundles of curls.

Apply Glynt Nutri-oil elixer to the towel dry hair by firmly squeezing the bundles of curls.

Let your hair dry in the air or dry it with a diffuser. Meanwhile, do not use styling or finishing products anymore. We would like to see your hair and the texture of your curls as they are naturally.