Light blonde hair colouring

To obtain ultra light blonde hair the hair must be bleached. If you choose this treatment, it is recommended that you first have me do a hair test in the salon.

If you have dyed hair that is darker than color height 6 (dark blond) I can not color your hair ultra light blond in one treatment. Together we will have to make a colour step-by-step plan that will take you to the ultra-light blonde haircolour you want for a number of weeks in different colour sessions. In between the sessions the hair can recover.

For this colour treatment I use Glynt's intensely soft bleaching powders Magnum Blonde & Magnum Platinum and add the extra protective Trijuven serum. Nevertheless, I advise my clients not to wash their hair 2 days in advance.

I can only do these intensive colorings if you also buy the entire package of hair care from Glynt otherwise such a heavy coloring treatment for your hair is not justified.

Bleaching hair requires a long processing time of up to 120 minutes. Do you want an extra cool tone or even a grey/silver hair color? Then you will get a second colour treatment after bleaching your hair. Tip: Take a book to read or your laptop to do some work. We have WIFI.