Pivot Point & Free hand

At Pivot Point the emphasis is on texture, with the layered lines of the crown following the oval shape of the head, which I then cut and slice with various freehand cutting and slice techniques. Because of these techniques there are no clear outlines visible.

These hairstyles have a more Bohemian, nonchalant, "girl next door", look and in men an "Laid-back" effect and characterize themselves because it seems as if you have not done many styling to your hair.

With every hand movement through the hair, these looks are different and always easy to wear. 

 For these nonchalant looks you do indeed need little daily styling. After a quick blowdry, you can easily knead the hair with a little wax, clay or cream into any shape. Whichever look you choose, the result is your own individual hairdo with the "Wow" effect.